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Educational Programs

Midson Road Child Care Centre provides a program based on an ‘Emergent Curriculum’ and the Early Years Learning Framework.

The staff use the children’s interests to guide activities, crafts and investigations, we will then provide early maths, language, motor and creative activities within these interests.As your child grows and develops, our programs become more structured and challenging. For example if the children are interested in zoo animals we will learn about zoo animals, discuss habitats, discuss colours and shapes of zoo animals, count and sort pictures or zoo animal toys and so on.

We value the benefits of learning through play!  

The play based learning program starts with our youngest babies, and prepares our children for a lifetime of learning through a solid intellectual and social foundation.

We also offer an extensive preschool preparation program run by our Early Childhood trained Teacher. There is a focus on pre-maths, pre-literacy skills (colours, numbers, writing own name) and grouptime behaviours such as sitting for a period of time, listening, waiting turn, following instructions and completing simple worksheets. This ensures our children have the best start as they begin their school journey.