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How do I join the waiting list?

Please note that we are currently fully booked for 2017 -this means that at this time we have no positions available to offer. 

The best way to find more about our centre is to book in for an information session. Look at the tours dates and times and contact us to book your position. 

Then all you need to do is complete the form, pay a $20 cash only application fee at the centre (correct change is required).

Please do not email your forms in - bring them in with your payment thank you. 
When enquiring about our waiting list email is the best method of contacting us - 

When will I be offered a position and how do I secure it?

Whilst we welcome your enquiries about the waiting list, the chance is very minimal that a position will become available during 2015, if this does occur we will contact you. 

You only need to contact us if you have a change of address or phone number.

We fill our waiting list according to priority of access guidelines. Then our existing children and siblings receive priority to increase and change days on our internal waiting list. We then offer positions to our external waiting list based upon date order from when forms are received. You will not be removed from our list unless you advise us or if you don’t return our annual request to update your family's situation on our waitlist.

We can never predict when a vacancy will arise during the year as an existing family needs to drop a day for a position to come up. We can't always offer you the days that you are after. Sometimes a position becomes available for just one day per week, and the more flexible you are the higher the chance that you will receive a position at the centre.  

At least once a year we send follow up correspondence requesting an update to your family's childcare situation. You need to send this back to remain on the external waiting list. You will not need to pay another $20 when updating details.

Websites where you can find information about available and quality child care are:

·         Care for Kids;

·         ACECQA; and

·         My Child Website:


Download our Waitlist Application Form