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Join one of our tour groups!

For families wanting to join our waiting list we encourage you to attend a tour. 

Tours are a good way  to prepare you for the journey you are about to embark upon as you enter child care. We know that child care can seem daunting, and leaving your children in our care will be challenging – even for those who are excited about the thought of child care. At the information session one of our staff will take you on a tour of the centre.

There are two options for tours: 10:00am or and an afternoon/evening session 5.30 pm. 

The dates for upcoming tours are listed below. We need you to arrive on time so that we can start the tours and provide information. Late comers will miss vital information, and depending on our daily routine may not be admitted.

Numbers are also limited so please book in.

Please ensure you arrive on time. Unfortunately, if you arrive late, you will need to re-book for a future tour session. 

For all tours, please park on the street – either Midson Road or Chesterfield Road - so that our current parents are able to drop off and pick up their children.


Tuesday 4th February - 10 am & 5.30pm

Tuesday 18th February – 10am & 5.30


Tuesday 17th March - 10 am & 5.30pm


Tuesday 14th April  - 10 am & 5.30pm


Tuesday 12th May - 10 am & 5.30pm