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Winners - National Kidsafe Buisness Awards & Australian Child Care Week - Best Multicultural Program

14 Nov 2011 1:24 PM -

 A huge congratulations to the team at Midson Road. 

We won the National Kidsafe Buisness Awards for our ongoing committment to road safety with our children


And for our win at the Australian Child Care Week Awards Dinner - Best Multicultural Program during Child Care Week. 

Our staff used a mix of their own home cultures as well as those of our families into an amazing range of activities and projects -

We picked fresh bananas from a Fijian Banana Tree,

Danced the 'Irish Jig' during our Livelyhood Dance Class,

Heard a lovely Maori lullaby from one of our staff and wore a traditional maori skirt, 

Went on an excursion to our local Korean Bakery,  and

Our week finished with a 'multicultural afternoon tea' where the children prepared food for their families and their families made some delicious foods at home to share with us.